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"Colin runs the market stall in front of Waitrose (buy local) he'll get you a size you may want too."
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Save the dates events in community hall through December at community centre

November 28, 2022 at 6pm to December 17, 2022 at 7pm
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Richard replied to Hannah goslin's discussion Christmas tree
"There are some people who have a stall outside Waitrose who sell books, scarves, cards etc who sell real trees every year. I am not sure if they are selling them just yet but it's worth keeping an eye out and I don't think they are too…"



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There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

Golden Lane Estate / RCS site 

Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

Golden Lane is falling down...the City of London do not care

The latest very serious events on GLE again illustrate the crumbling infrastructure we now live in. Years of neglect, penny pinching and incompetence on behalf of CoL will, I am afraid, result in injury or worse.

The best way to illustrate the CoL's commitment to providing housing services is to look at their favourite subject - money.

The CoL holds net assets totalling £1.045 TRILLION - more than the gross GDP of Gambia.

The CoL spent £100000 net on Housing Services in the last financial year, representing 0.1% of their City Fund spending.

The CoL spent £42.6 million net on 'Cultural and Related Services' in the last financial year, representing 29.9% of their City Fund spending, only Police funding is larger.

29.9% v 0.1% - I think we know where CoL's priorities lie.

I applaud the support of arts and culture, but is this really a balanced approach?

I think it just shows that the CoL do not really care about Housing and individual residents, and why should they? We live in a bizarre black hole of democracy where businesses can out-vote people in local elections by 3 to 1. Residents do not register on their radar, the most important elements to CoL are businesses and vanity projects.

So while we continue to enjoy Kazakh Folk music (no offence meant to Kazakh Folk music!) at the Barbican, forget any real funding for Housing from CoL.

CoL also holds £1.8 BILLION in a slush fund supporting and promoting business in the City, none of this is used to fund Housing Services.

All figures quoted in this post are taken form CoL's website, please read them, it really does bring home to you that they have no interest in Housing and I suspect they would be happy to get rid of all their Housing Estates.

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Oh!  And there was me thinking it was taken last week!
nathan said:

Golden Lane Estate (1940's)

The 1940's site of the future Golden Lane Estate.

Wow Nathan - where did you get the camera that takes pictures from 10 years into the future!!!!     'Coz this is what Golden Lane will look like in 2025 if left in the care of the overpaid time-serving deadbeats and incompetents of the City Housing Department!

I too spotted this concrete and almost tripped over it on Friday night! I tried to take a photo in the rain there and then but unfortunately it came out too dark, and then when I saw it was gone the next day I did hope a resident would have picked it up as evidence of the incident. The scattering of bits of concrete across the pavement alone were evidence enough of the severity of injury the falling piece of concrete could have caused, so I must admit I'm trying to avoid walking under those concrete edges now! I love living on the estate, it's such a shame to see the city allowing this kind of thing to happen.


That's a good set of pics for the record.

Do you have the contact details of the right person at COL Housing Department to send this to.

Would rather it didn't just get lost in the system :)


You could try send photos and a description to various people in the COL, you could reach the right person, apparently electronic communications are evidence.

One resident came to an open meeting with a bag full of rotting wood from the inside of his windows and emptied the contents onto the table in front of Eddy Stephens (the then head of Housing), the response was remarkable, a roll of his eyes, no comment and move on to the next item. The same resident lives in Stanley Cohen house were the tiles fell of the side of the building, the resident was at a recent meeting saying that they could see daylight through the living area wall.


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