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Due to a water leak into one of the basement electrical intake cupboards that houses the mains fuses for the Hatfield House flats, we have had to request UKPN to temporarily suspend the electricity supply to the block so that safety checks can be carried out.  Unfortunately, we have no indication when this will be or the duration, but it is likely to occur sometime later this afternoon or evening.  We apologise for the inconvenience.  Please take any necessary measures to prepare for this.

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Can you please provide an update? It has been 16 hours since your message (which was posted over an hour AFTER the power was cut ('necessary measures to prepare'...!).

We have had no communication whatsoever on how long we will remain without power. And more concerning, there has been no effort to check on the wellbeing and comfort of the (many elderly) residents affected.

+1, my apartment is also my office for the time being - this is extremely disruptive to both home and work life for many. Are we to expect this for another few hours? days?

Yes an update would be much appreciated.  I would have expected the Estate and the City to be a little bit more informative and on board with this with regular updates to be honest.

Most importantly, further to D Rogan's message, can the estate confirm that vulnerable residents have been contacted in person for reassurance and to ensure they at least have means to cook?

I have spoken to Michelle Warman the Estate Manager. Unfortunately they had no warning of this happening and have no idea currently of how long it will take to repair. They have been phoning all the residents who they have contact details for and especially the vulnerable. She is meeting her managers now to discuss what action they can take to help residents with food/cooking/torches/charging phones/laptops etc and she will get back to me as soon as possible.

I'll update here as soon as I have any more information

Thanks for the update Sue

The 2 lifts that serve Hatfield House and Crescent House are also affected, and not working, yet no notices have been posted explaining the situation. 

Will an update be provided before evening? The letter posted earlier today mentions backup power being provided - is this being organised and will it be in place before dark? 

@Sue thanks for your notes - I'm pleased the estate office has been contacting people today. And while naturally they could not have anticipated an emergency, my disappointment is in how they reacted to it and the seeming lack of protocol to communicate with and check on people. 

Once power has been restored, I hope as soon as possible, I would like to know how the water leak came about. I assume most electrical intake cupboards are in "basement" areas which means leaks carry a risk of power cuts to residents. Seeing Maria's post from an hour ago, it is a concern that "mopping up" is taking so long, and no doubt any temporary power supply will come from a noisy and polluting diesel generator - which I hope I am wrong about.

Michelle informs me that Ian is waiting for UK Power to switch on the power... The electrician has finished and certificates are signed and printed. I popped out a few minutes ago and everything is still dark but fingers crossed.


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