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"The link takes me to a Word doc I think then nothing. I think it’s appalling that the City thinks so little of its residents. It’s time the business vote was abolished."
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Desk Spaces to Rent

We have a couple of desk spaces to rent in our small office in Shoreditch Town Hall. Photocopier/printer, tea and coffee included.If you are interested contact Tim on 07815 437 028See More
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Money for Repairs

On the 13th January there was a full City Council meeting where Sue Pearson, your local Common Councillor, proposed a motion that the repairs programme for all the City Estates be accelerated by using some of the City’s financial reserves. The repairs programme is moving incredibly slowly even by the City’s standards with the last 5 year plan being inadequately funded while the Estates decay and tenants live in unacceptable conditions. The City has a fund called City Cash which has reserves of £2.6 billion. They have dedicated £50 million of this money to support small business during the pandemic but nothing to support residents. £37 million of this money has not been spent and Sue suggested that, as a start, it might be a good idea to redirect this to Estate repairs.At the Council meeting discussion of the motion was cut short by a point of order and the the motion to speed up repair of your Estates was lost by 75 votes to 19. A supportive councillor, Graeme Harrower, has written a…See More



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Having spent 12 years living in a hostel I was obviously delighted when I finally got the chance to rent a flat on the Golden Lane estate. My flat was a mess when I moved in. I have worked hard to make it a place I look forward to coming home to. When I moved it I remember hearing that the person living here before me had complained about all the noise and that was the reason he moved. At the time I thought to myself that he should get a life and be thankful for having somewhere to live. Sadly 6 years later I know exactly what he was talking about. I know this is London and it's a big noisy city but there is not a single night where I get a full nights sleep due to noise of some sort. I am a light sleeper but the noise is unbearable. I am very grateful for having somewhere to live but getting no sleep every night kind of makes its pointless really. Not really a discussion more of a rant.

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Lying here trying to get some sleep and hearing the cars beeping, people shouting, lorries crashing past I know exactly how you feel. I live in crescent house and I'm living for the day that they put double glazing in here although I do wonder if it will ever happen.


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