A model estate - architectural model maker creates a mirrored version of Basterfield House

Architectural modelmaker Maz Weineck has created a model of Basterfield House as a fundraiser for charity Article 25. Maz says, 'This year's theme for humanitarian architecture charity Article 25's 10x10 auction is reflections. I wanted to have some fun with the theme and experiment with using mirror within my art. I decided to use Basterfield House as inspiration after going on a tour of the Golden Lane estate and being shown one the building’s flats as part of Open house festival. I like the idea of making artwork celebrating iconic architecture that is also architecture that means a lot to people. Whilst walking around the estate it was clear how much of a community there was there and how important the development was for the residents. It felt fitting to use my craft skills to make this art because a wonderful thing I discovered at the community centre is that they have craft groups that there that help neighbours to connect and they also sell their craft to raise money for charity.
The online auction will start on 20th April with a live auction happening in May.
Further details about the auction can be found on https://www.article-25.org/10x10
For further details visit: https://www.mazweineck.co.uk/
or instagram @mazweineck_maker

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