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Hi folks, I'm just about to move into Great Arthur House :)

I'm aware of the impending major works and have seen a copy of the March 2010 newsletter

My question though is does anyone know how the Corporation will bill long leaseholders - to  bill people for the entire amount (which could be upto £40k) with a "please pay within 14 days" sort of thing seems unrealistic - people (I certainly don't) have that kind of cash lying around.

Anybody got any hints from the Corporation? Or have other blocks had major works with large bills and how have these been handled.

Thanks all

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We in this place in the centre of the Capital of  England should uphold our free debate .You want me to be censored ? jog of to Barbicantalk

Nobody is starting an argument with you.  People were genuinely trying to help you.  Everyone is free to post here, but telling people to 'keep their noses out' is totally out of order.  You have been a bit rude to the Alderman, and to fellow residents, who were only trying to give you information they had.   If you wish only to talk to the Alderman then maybe it would be advisable to send him a personal letter, instead of posting on a general forum, and objecting when other residents join in the conversation.  We are all meant to support each other, as fellow residents.  That is what this site is for.  

This Estate should be an example of its Intention,social housing .it is not .Its falling apart And Mr Alderman points out that that double glazing in Great Arthur House will be a benifit for the rich investsors

I am really not sure what it is that "15 storeys high" seems so upset about - even to the point of criticising other people when they contribute to the discussion. I would have thought this is exactly what a public forum like this is all about, and telling other people to mind their own business when they contribute when trying to be helpful does seem rather like censorship to me. The exchanges started with a question - would the GAH cladding works start next year, to which the one-word answer already given is "yes". The work will take many months to complete, so it is too soon to give out installation dates for any specific flat. I suspect the reason why 15 stories is upset is a sense that the Estate is not as well-maintained as it should be. I would agree there is a backlog of work to address, and I expect that both the perception and the reality will improve. 

I do not understand 15 stories point (attributed to me) about rich investors - did I say that or imply it? The new cladding will benefit everybody equally, the only difference is that the "rich investors" (and I have no idea which GAH residents fit that description, if any) but if that expression is supposed to mean owners, they will each have a bill almost certainly well in excess of £40,000 each to pay for their "double glazing". So, if this saves £200 per year in heating costs, this is only 200 years for the work to pay for itself, at present day prices. If saving heating costs were the only reason for doing this, it would be an economically daft thing to do, but that is not the only reason and the work includes a lot more than installing double glazing. Hence the enormous cost, partly paid for by the so-called "rich investors" and partly paid for by the City of London. 

'15 storeys high', it might also make things less tense if you could use a real name instead.  That way we all know exactly who we are talking to.  Far more neighbourly, don't you think?

This is not a dating site hence user name is optional every one has that right i am back from week ban so keep calm and carry on

People use their names simply because its the best way of communicating with one another, because we know who we are talking to. And, it's also a matter of politeness.

In reply to your question about regulation of the site. It is moderated by a number of us. If people make abusive comments or if comments contravene the policies of Ning, the company that provides the site for us, the comments will be removed or ultimately the person making the comments will be suspended from the site. IT would be great if people treated eachother online in exactly the same way as they would treat eachother if talking face to face.

Please use a real name and add a real picture. This website is just one of many ways of being part of this community. Please connect them together.

Paul Lincoln, moderator


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