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Good to hear that Fibre optic is coming. Does anyone have any idea when?


City of London Infrastructure Officer

I would be interested to know if it is fibre to the: cabinet, basement or  flat?

I believe it is a similar setup to Middlesex St... fibre to the cabinet in the basement.  3 new Distribution Point's have been installed (Bayer, Gt Arthur and somewhere in Crescent/ Hatfield).  These are effectively the "cabinets".  These will serve the whole of the Estate, so not quite "the basement" as there isn't one each for each individual block.

I believe the reason they call it Fibre to the Basement (rather than Fibre to the Cabinet) is to highlight that the electrical power is derived from the locality (rather than the exchange). I made this assumption on the grounds that I read there was some concern at the new source of electricity and that we were out for a few days, when it 'blew' broadband on MSE.

I forgot to mention two things:

1 Cabinets cover more than one house, building, block or business

2 FTTB is FTT Building or Basement


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