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Protect our trees and they will protect us

The development of the former Richard Cloudesley School site next to the Golden Lane Estate has been granted Planning Permission by both Islington Council and the City of London.

The proposal involves the needless loss of seven existing semi-mature trees on the western boundary between the site and the allotments on Golden Lane Estate.

These seven established trees are in good health and have a reasonable life expectancy. The developers propose to replace them with just three new trees after the development is finished - at least 18 months down the line. This is no real compensation and the interim loss of habitat for nesting birds, bees and insects will be devastating.

The trees are not just beautiful but for up to a period of two years of demolition and noisy construction they act as the best barrier we have between a dirty building site and the estate. We'll desperately need the benefits of these trees during this time and we'll certainly need them afterwards to provide a green corridor providing shade, CO2 absorption, and biodiversity which will benefit the new school and residents alike.

Clean air for our children is essential - Prior Weston Primary School, just down the road, is one of the 50 most polluted primary schools in London, despite its proximity to Fortune Street Park. This was recognised by Mayor Sadiq Kahn when he came to the school last September to launch his new 'toxic air' audit. 

Our neighbourhood needs some serious anti-pollution busting measures and cannot afford to lose any trees, for any period of time, particularly when workable solutions are available. This is a similar situation faced by communities up and down the country – we must stop the destruction of perfectly viable trees.



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Comment by Hussain on July 2, 2018 at 21:28

At 21:27 the total pledged stands at:

days to go
pledged of £5,000 target by 68 people
WE can all do it!
Comment by Hussain on July 2, 2018 at 17:06

Is Golden Lane Estate a Conservation Area? I ask because if it is then potentially these wonderful living life giving trees can be saved from the corporate environmental manslaughter of the CoL. They refuse to plant trees where they are needed! We need more trees on Golden Lane!

I was in a local café enjoying a chilled smoothie  the other day, when I overheard a child telling its mother, "mum I want to donate all of my money box to save our trees" If a child can act, so can all of us, without trees the quality of our life gets affected.

Please ask your friends, neighbours, work colleagues, to sign the petition, and if you can please consider making a worthy donation, the trees need us, we need them, they are our future, our children need them!

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