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I live on the top floor of Crescent House, near the guest flats.  Mostly, it is fine.  I maintain a small 'roof garden' in the area, and a lot of people enjoy this.  However, last night, we were subjected to to young girls, who were guests on the top floor, bringing back some teenage boys, they had met in a bar that evening, and creating a lot of noise at 1AM in the morning.  At 2AM, there was still noise, spilling out to the lift area.  I went out to find that 2 of my garden wicker chairs, with cushions, and a small statue, had been stolen by these youths.  I chased them onto the street, and got my items back. 

I phoned the police, and a couple of youths returned to the girls' flat by the time they arrived.  We only got to bed after 3AM.  My partner, and I were not happy that these girls were allowed to stay in the flat, for obvious reasons, but the police said it was their 'right', as they had paid! 

I was informed by the Estate Office that the booking had been made by a Barbican resident, who I presume would not be known to the Office, like they would know the residents of Golden Lane!  I never knew that the Barbican were able to use these flats!  I was assured that these girls would not be allowed back!  However, I am concerned for the welfare of us residents, and the safety of our property, when guest flats are let out in this way.  I tried to speak to Bob Jacks today, but, apparently, he was 'too busy' to see me!  I do not feel very reassured!

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Hi Tracy,

I so agree with you here.  I also had thought the guest flats were for the use of Golden Lane Estate residents only, but, apparently, this is not the case.  Perhaps they are also being let out to other Estates too!  Who knows.  The problem is, us residents living near the guest flats are directly affected, if any anti social behaviour occurs, whilst the City of London still pocket the profits!!!! 

I have been informed there are no actual guidelines which are issued to guest flat users in place, which is totally unacceptable.  The police say it is clearly the responsibility of the City of London to evict any guest flat users, who are guilty of anti social behaviour, at the time, but this was not done, and I had a worrying few hours 'sleep' for the rest of the night, not knowing if any further 'activities' would take place!  Luckily, they didn't.  However, no resident should be put in that position in the first place!

I will certainly write to Mr Jacks, or to higher management, if he does not act on this.  It is very sad that no City of London Manager contacted me, and asked if I was okay, in the first place!  I should not have to 'chase' them over this incident!!


How right you are Tracy!

I will be doing all I can, early next week, to deal with this.  Our local Police Officer will be contacting me, as I made a complaint about the way the theft incident was handled. 

Us residents shouldn't have this happen to us.  The City of London should defend, and protect their residents.  However, sadly this does not seem the case.  In the past, when workmen misused my property, I was told by Mr Jacks that, 'how were the workmen to know the property belonged to a resident?'  My response was, that all the workmen needed to know was that the property did not belong to them!!!!  Also, I was told, that if I was not happy, I could always 'remove my property'!!  For Goodness Sake, this is our home!  Many of us have plants, chairs, tables etc, outside our flats, which we care about! 

Lets see what happens.  Will keep you informed!  If this is not resolved, I will take the matter to the Director of Community and Children's Services. 

I agree Christine.  These girls picked up these yobs at some club.  I have been told there are no specific guidelines given to users of the guest flats, which can leave the residents living in that area, in a vulnerable position.  I have had a few problems before, from guest flat users, but nothing like the incident the other night. 

I will be asking to see Mr Jacks next week, as I would have thought it appropriate for a City of London Officer to, at least, ask me if I was okay, after the theft, instead of stating they were 'too busy' to see anyone! 

I will be pushing for some sort of guidelines over the use of the guest flats.  For example, if any guest behaves in an anti social way, there must be powers to ask them to leave straight away, instead of the police telling me they had 'paid', so they had a 'right to stay'!  What about my rights as a resident?????

Maria ... I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I know you have put alot of hard work into your garden and should be able to enjoy it without fear of someone damaging it.

Hi Lee

Thanks so much!  I saw Bob Jacks today, who stated my property was there at my own risk, and that the City would not evict anyone using a guest flat, who was guilty of anti social behaviour on the night, because the City needed to make money on the flats!  Unfortunately, the police did not log this as a theft, because, I presume, I got my property back, but this is of no comfort!  However, he stated that a 'risk assessment' would be carried out, whatever that means! 

He said, that, as the girls who rented the guest flat, did not carry out the crime, there was nothing they could do!  However, these girls 'invited' strangers into their guest flat, who carried out a crime, so they surely are responsible in a way? 

Thanks for your concern.  So much appreciated.  It is so nice to know that someone really cares, even if Estate management don't seem to!




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