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Filming in Fann Street!!

Can there be some kind of emergency meeting with regard to illegal filming in and around GLE?In Fann Street this week alone we’ve had Two film crews, the first lot left behind 10 helium gas canisters (full size) and litter strewn everywhere. The second lot (tonight) were moved on 3 times by the police, and we had to endure 3 hours of disturbance!!The CoL Police received numerous calls, regarding the filming, only to turn up half an hour later, and stayed for approx 5 minutes and politely asked them to move on!! Which it took a further hour for them to leave, and again Fann Street left strewn with litter.With the surrounding Street closures around the Estate (Beech St, Golden Lane. Fortune St, and Brackley St) Fann Street is taking the brunt of Noise pollution, as well as these Film Crews. I did inform the Alderman of this last year, but not surprisingly if it isn’t Barbican Related, then there’s no interest. It all feels like no one wants to get involved or try to prevent further…See More
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David Graves (your Alderman) commented on Sue Pearson's blog post CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION FAILS ITS RESIDENTS
"Paul, I'm surprised that referring to an audience caused you such upset. By "audience" I mean those who follow this site and the conversations/discussions which happen here. I expect that most of these are residents, but not…"
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Paul Lincoln posted an event

Imagine Golden Lane at Net Zero at Under Crescent House

September 18, 2021 from 2pm to 4pm
Monthly meeting looking at best ways to tackle climate emergency in Golden Lane Estate. See More



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Visualisation of the proposed tower on Golden Lane viewed from Bayer House produced by the GLERA sub-committee looking at the RCS proposal

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Are you ready for more horror?...Brace Yourselves!

Thanks for the images, this should not be forced onto the residents, however the reality is that the tower is the City's solution to provide social housing within the City boundary, social housing that the City of London Corporation has deliberately neglected to provide on other residential sites within the City, zero at ex YMCA building development, and zero social at ex Police building - Bernard Morgan House.

Rethinking the design is essential, to include at least one disabled parking, parking for teaching staff, and electrical parking bays/or bays for Golden Lane residents car club.

Every City street needs trees of suitable girth to be planted, every existing and all NEW buildings needs to be carbon neutral, the planning department should automatically reject developments that are not carbon neutral. Ensure triple glazing, solar power, grants for solar power on community buildings and all existing buildings, ground source heat pumps/heating, wind turbines, and GREEN plating on sides of building, grants for community groups to plant fruit trees, balcony plants, ...
Imagine the new residential schemes, Bernard Morgan House, Richard Cloudesley School site, with green living walls...
Children learn better when the outdoors comes into the classroom – and the benefits extend beyond academic achievement

Have the VISION of a GREENER living building for the Richard Cloudesley School RCS) and Bernard Morgan sites, obtain funding from the City Bridges Trust the RCS site. Force Taylor Wimpey to re-think their their own cost.
Bosco Verticale towersImage copyright Stefano Boeri Image caption Boeri Studio's Bosco Verticale tower blocks in Milan offer a new vision of green, low energy urban living

Appliance control systems, cladding, natural cooling systems and other technologies can reduce carbon emissions by 33%. Source: Boeri Studio

A pollution free City can be a Happy Healthy Living City... Vision Green...

I absolutely love these images - and I couldn't agree more about the green space. Look at the Finsbury Local Plan and you will see this site is zoned for "public access to nature" instead, because of the placement of the School Hall we will lose our wonderful Allotments. One point to remember is that the site is actually (just) in Islington, not the City. So the City, in collusion with Islington, are contracting their social housing obligations outside the city boundary and making sure those pesky social housing voters don't upset the apple cart.

Charles this is were collectively residents who support any form of social housing, including key worker housing, affordable rented housing, should not be voting for any existing Alderman/Councillor mainly Barbican based.

These same Alderman/Councillors have supported zero provision for social housing within the ex-YMCA, and ex-Bernard Morgan House. The City policy has always been privatisation, Norman House on London Wall sold to Berkeley Group with zero social provision, the ex-City Business School located within the Barbican at Frobisher Crescent, developed for 100% private housing. Candy brothers CPC Monaco based company, given permission to convert Sugar Quay office building to 100% private housing, there are many more....

The City of London Corporation is guilty of Social Cleansing on an unbelievable scale, it is no good to say land prices are expensive, that may be the case, but time and time again, the elected Alderpersons and Councillors in all Wards have agreed to 100% private developments on land that is 100% owned by the City of London Corporation.

The time is approaching, when only those on salaries above £60,000.00 will be able to live within the City, others including children of existing residents will be forced to move out, including those on lower salaries, carers, those with social needs - including existing City based retired pensioners, and key City based workers.

The existing Alderpersons, and Councillors must change housing policy, if the City can sell long leases of their buildings within the City to the private sector, it can retain the same leases and develop mixed housing for all sectors of our much valued society, ensuring that the social fabric is maintained.

The twin towers. At one end of Golden Lane we have a housing block where the City claim land values preclude any social housing. 200 metres away at the other end of Golden Lane we have 100% social housing. This isn't the "Poor doors" scandal - its worse. We need to get an article published on this; In the Guardian or the Islington Gazette?

Charles you absolutely right, many of my neighbours feel exactly the same.

The Islington Gazette wishes to meet up with you, and other representatives, they want to do an article this week. They are particular interested in social housing being farmed off to Islington, height issues, and Alderpersons/Councillors views.

Please email the full history of the site, and contact Mr Gelder to arrange a meeting:

Mr Sam Gelder

Senior Report

Islington Gaze

Charles House

North West London Newspapers

108-110 Finchley Road




Tel: 020 7433 0104


And Ms Alison Benjamin, Society Editor, The Guardian, can be contacted initially via Email with the full history, along with your contact details.

Ms Alison Benjamin

Society Editor

The Guardian

Kings Place

90 York Way


N1 9GU

Tel: 020 3353 2000



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