This month's update says that the works are now complete and despite several attempts, Engie were unable to gain access to some flats where defects were reported and it is now too late. Well I had defects in my flat and have been waiting to hear from them. If they could not get an answer, why did they not leave a card through the door asking us to contact them. I work during the week and have been waiting for a card or letter so that I could arrange to be here. This just sounds like a cop out so they don't have to do the works. Anyone else been waiting and not heard anything?

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You should contact the Estate office and if you have no luck one of your local Councillors (members). You can find a list here. Susan Pearson is the one Councillor resident on Golden Lane Estate

Below an extract from minutes of the Housing Management and Almhouses etc meeting on 20 January provided by Vernon Ashford, treasurer of GLERA (our housing association). You can read full minutes here

The Assistant Director, Barbican and Property Services was heard in respect of service charge figures for Great Arthur House recladding works. Members noted that the outturn figure for the project, as of today, was £11.1m (£10m negotiated settlement for works).  Members would receive a report of the City Surveyor at their next meeting, formally closing the project.

The Assistant Director advised that most residents had been visited in respect of the end of defects liability survey and there would be a further inspection on the external façade over the next two weeks.  If Members were aware of any residents who had not been visited, they were asked to let the Assistant Director know as soon as possible. 

Members noted that the City Corporation had lost its appeal against the decision of the First Tier Tribunal’s; i.e. - that leaseholders were not liable to contribute towards the cost of the recladding works. The City has applied to seek Leave to Appeal further.  Members noted that Counsel’s opinion was that the City had strong grounds to appeal. There was some discussion about the level of legal fees, should the matter be escalated to the Supreme Court, and Members noted that it was unusual for these to be fully indemnified. Members were concerned at the impact on Leaseholders but, accepted that this was an aspect of Right to Buy Leases which had never been properly addressed.  

Members were reminded that, given its wider significant impact, this matter was a responsibility of the Community and Children’s Services Committee (the Grand Committee of this Sub Committee).  The Chairman and Deputy Chairman (of the Grand Committee) had been sighted on Counsel’s opinion and supported the decision to appeal. Members would receive a report as soon as possible on the next stages in the legal process, the egal process, the legal costs to date and, Counsel’s estimate for potential future legal costs. 

In the interim, Members noted that the service charge was being invoiced and collected but no action was being taken for non-payment.  The City Solicitor had advised that it was a legal requirement to continue to collect service charges for this work, despite the legal proceedings, otherwise the City Corporation would forfeit the right to do so.  The Assistant Director was not aware of how many residents had taken up the City’s offer of a loan but agreed to check (Post Meeting Note – 5 leaseholders had taken out a loan with the City) .  Furthermore, as the final cost of the works had only just been finalised, the final bill to Leaseholders could now be confirmed.  

I spoke to the estate office and they advised me to contact Lochlan MacDonald so I have sent him an email and await his response.

Engie, or the estate office, should have written to the households that they hadn't got access to before the contract ended. I  wonder how many other people are still waiting who don't look on this site and know nothing about the contract now ending?

Just so you know Richard, I just look after the website on a voluntary basis and saw your message. It was by chance - this isn't an actual job. You should make a complaint to your local councillor (Sue) and GLERA who can also follow up. Bests, Jacqueline


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