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14 May 2018:   Golden Lane Estate - our Big Garden

GLE newsletter: Easte office are tackling access issues to our shared open spaces; update on allotments - new members, becoming a Friend; trees brodering the allotment at risk form COLPAI development plans - sign petition; Baggers away day to Turn End home and garden, link to blog; Meet Your Neighbour - Buffy, invite to her exhibition; gardening events to look forward to.

15 April 2018: Golden Lane - some good news, some bad news

GLE newsletter: quick round up; intro to new Estate Manager; update on CoLPAI, link to GLERA proposed conditions; Bernard Morgan House update - construction traffic route, marketing suite planning permission info; first 'Meet your Neighbour' featuring Billy Mann; reminder of Golden Baggers May Bank outing to Turn End; Growing Connections, activities and call for volunteers.

23 March 2018: CoLPAI - City Planners meet this Monday, 26 March

GLERA newsletter: reminder of City of London Transport and Planning Committee Meeting to discuss CoLPAI; GLERA position; update on Committee site visit; reminder to sign petition with quotes form signees

15 March 2018: Latest news on Golden Lane

GLE newsletter: info on Barbican OpenFest weekend; link to Golden Lane EC1 youtube channel, music videos and documentary with Stephen Fry; news on upcoming Community Art and Craft Workshops; invitation to join the Golden Baggers on outing to Turn End home and gardens; invitation to opening of bird hide in Barbican Wildlife Gardens; update on Community Centre with photos of work in progress; date of next GLERA general meeting; invitation to join CoL Housing Users Group (HUB); link to City Streets survey.

2 March 2018: Update on CoLPAI and The Denizen

GLERA newsletter: outcome of Islington Planning Committee meeting; news on decision to discontinue with judicial review of The Denizen; next GLERA meeting dates; poem by Ina McMillan written to commemorate GLE being shortlisted for Great Neighbourhood 2018.

28 Feb 2018: RCS / CoLPAI meeting tomorrow night

GLERA newsletter: where and when to meet for Islington Planning Committee Meeting

26 Feb 2018: GLERA Update

GLERA newsletter: GLERA survey results; meet the committee - link to profiles; call out for tenants to join the committee; policing on the estate; a GLE resident's proposals for Baltic Street; date of next GLERA meeting.

17 Feb 2018: Together we can stop The Denizen

GLE newsletter: update on legal battle to force judicial review of the development; link to Crowd Justice, fundraising site; press coverage (itnNEWS and City Matters link); update on Spectres of Modernism fundraiser on behalf of the campaign

6 Feb 2018: Important February 12 deadlines

GLE newsletter: reminder of deadlines for proposed Conservation Area, CoLPAI and Community Centre Advisory Board; background on Conservation Area; update on CoLPAI; update on Community Centre, pictures of site, info on February site visit for residents; reminder of Cultural Mile public consultation deadline for comments

6 Jan 2018: Important January dates - UPDATE

GLE newsletter: important January dates including Community Centre update and GLERA general meeting; update on demolition of Bernard Morgan House; link to comments lodged about the CoLPAI development proposals; news on Christmas Craft Market

6 Dec 2017: Golden Lane Estate Christmas Craft Fair

GLE newsletter: details for Christmas Craft Market; Community Centre update; other news - Mark Field MP visit to GLE

26 Nov 2017: GLERA General Meeting - Tuesday evening

GLERA newsletter: reminder of general meeting; update from GLERA leaseholder group and concerns about proposed concrete works; update on CoLPAI site - further extension to submit objections, video of alternative proposals; news on Community Centre - plans to recruit centre manager in conjunction with the City and details of first fund raiser - Christmas Craft Market

14 Nov 2017: Golden Lane Estate - our Great Neighbourhood

GLE newsletter: Academy of Urbanism - Golden Lane Estate shortlisted and awarded with it's own poem by Ian McMillan; link to GLERA online survey and reminder of GLERA general meeting; reminder of deadline extension to submit objection to CoLPEI development and details of alternative schemes proposed by GLE residents including video.

06 Nov 2017: RCS proposed development - summary of new proposals

GLERA newsletter: summary of how new plans submitted by the CoL differ from original application. GLERA video disputing noise reported submitted as part of the planning application; reminder of seven main objections and links to planning portals.

05 Nov 2017: Keep up to date with Golden Lane Estate with our rebuilt website

GLE newsletter: news on spruce up of website and round up of upcoming community events

25 Oct 2017: New chance to object to proposals affecting Golden Lane Estate

GLERA newsletter: outlines seven main objections to the proposed plans for the Richard Cloudesley School site. Information and links on how and where to lodge comments /objections with both City of London and Islington boroughs.

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