Dawn Frampton: Independent Candidate for Cripplegate By-Election 23 March 2023

My name is Dawn Frampton. I am a resident on Golden Lane Estate. I am standing as an Independent in the upcoming Cripplegate By-Election.

I have lived in EC1 all my life and on the Golden Lane Estate since 1997. I am a Council tenant and also raised my children here. Having lived in three of the blocks on the Estate, Crescent House, Bowater House and now Cuthbert Harrowing House, I know a lot of the concerns people have and are experiencing.

Some of the basic things that I would like to see changed:

● to keep pushing for decent windows in Crescent House and the whole of the Golden Lane Estate, it is appalling how many years it is taking to get the project started;

● for our service charges to represent the ’services’ we receive, these have diminished over the years without explanation or consultation, the cleaning standards in our blocks are just not getting any better;

● the cleanliness of the streets, which are full of grit and dust, particularly after all of the redevelopment that takes place all around us, how can this be classed as a ‘Destination City’;

●  to reduce anti-social behaviour in and around our Estates, ie skateboarding, endless delivery drivers charging up and down the concourses and highwalks, urinating in certain hot spots, we have a right to feel safe where we live;

●  to push for a massive re-think of the appalling London Wall West plansanother unsightly, unwanted, unnecessary project. Better planning decisions for people living locally, less overdevelopment, demolition and even taller ‘just for the sake of it’ projects.

What is motivating me is the lack of care and respect shown to both our Estates. I am sick of the constant excuses provided when it comes to the major works programmes, such as the windows replacements and the leaking roofs. Why does the City keep dragging their heels? We really need to get these long-term issues sorted out.

As a resident of Golden Lane, I have got stuck in. I will bring that same passion to the Barbican too. I am fully aware that both Estates are closely connected and are experiencing the same issues, repairs, management issues, cleaning standards, maintenance and anti-social behaviour. As your councillor I will be able to vote and campaign for the things that matter. I will keep pushing and voicing my opinions on these issues. I will be joining a team of newly appointed Cripplegate Ward members and, working alongside them, we will be an even stronger team.

Voting for someone who has spent their whole life in the City means that I will be much better placed to represent you. Change is possible. I look forward to hearing from you over the coming weeks. Thank you!


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