I am genuinely dissatisfied with the recent changes to the lock system at Bowater. For years, our bikes have been securely stored there, and people have always been responsible about locking it. However, in the past three weeks, it has been left wide open on three separate occasions. I'm concerned that if our bikes are stolen due to the gate being unlocked and left open, I'd like to know who is accountable from an insurance perspective. It might be beneficial to consider installing a security camera to identify the person responsible for leaving the gate open."

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I may be wrong but I think a number of the children who are often cycling around the estate leave their bikes in there. Maybe they are not locking it properly. I presume the estate office has details of who has access to it, so if you speak to the office, maybe they could contact them all and any parents can then remind the children to lock it.

Richard, maybe it might be even better for parents to remind their children that cycling is not permitted on the estate.  On a few occasions I have had near misses with kids riding their bikes very fast!  

I agree, and it has gotten worse over the last few months, but I don't think they are all from the estate. Something does need to be done though before someone gets hurt.

You are right.  It has got worse.  The point is if these kids have access to the locks of the bike store, then they may pass them to their non resident friends.  That is going back to the original problem.  It is up to the estate office to sort this out, and to remind parents that their kids should not have access to the bike storage areas.  


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