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Just a little question - does everyone on here have central heating in their property?

I moved into my studio about 5yrs ago and there was only one storage heater in the entire flat. I managed to just about cope (although everyone knows that with the draughty window frames and double glazing the flats can get horribly cold!) but as I didn't get any replies to emails I sent to the CoL, I just tried to bear it. I naively thought I'd just muddle through until it got unbearable and in the last year or two (where the outside wall seems to be letting in more cold air, and spreading damp mould) its got unbearable. 

Anyway its got to the point where I'm paying ridiculous amounts in electricity (even though I only have the heater on off peak over night and turn all the electrics off by day, scared to use it on-peak) and I just wondered if anyone else had this problem? And if you do have storage heaters in your property, have you found a supplier that isn't as awfully overpriced as British Gas seems to be? 

The CoL don't want to give me central heating (apparently they're not allowed to fit the flue on the outside of the building even though other flats have them *shrugs*) and so are due to fit yet more storage heaters so I just want to make sure I can use them but its manageable - because right now it really isn't!

Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone else had the same thing? 

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Lucy, I have central heating. Where is your flat in Crescent? Are you a tenant or a leaseholder? If a leaseholder then you will have to install central heating yourself, but if a tenant then the City should be doing that for you. However, I do not know to what degree, but I would certainly keep on at them because in the cold weather and without adequate heating which one storage heater cannot be classed as, they have a duty to make the flat habitable. It can't be classed, as such in its present state. I don't think storage heaters as a long term solution would be adequate anyway, although I have no experience of them.

When the central heating was first installed some residents said they didn't want it and so it was not installed. If you are on the first floor then you will feel the cold more as it comes up through the floor as there is nothing underneath, the same as me. Hence, why I think storage heaters are not the solution.

I have been urging the City to install insulation with the windows but it falls on deaf ears, they cite the listed aspect of the estate, so see that as a reason not to do anything. Yet when they want to make changes everything seems to be able to be done!!

The flues we have now are deemed to contravene health and safety, although fine when they were installed and the City have been trying to find a solution to the problem and I thought they had. I would revisit the fact that you can't have central heating fitted with someone higher up in the pecking order. Is it because they haven't found a flue that meets H&S guidelines or because of the listing? Pfft to the listing in this case! Although, am a firm believer it should be followed 99% of the time.

Hi Lucy.  I am concerned to hear of your case.  If you are a tenant, then I don't understand why proper central heating was not fitted in your flat as it was to other tenants some years ago.  I am a Committee member, and if I can help can you pop your details in the Committee Box, in the Estate Office, and I will get advice from my fellow Committee members.



Thanks so much for your replies guys. Its been really bad the last few months. As you know talking to the council isn't exactly a pleasant affair (they've made it pretty hard for me - not showing up to appointments when I've taken time off work and then sent someone round finally who looked at the electrics - they're still insisting I can't have central heating - 3 weeks ago and I've heard nothing so its still freezing!). Mary if you could help I'd be really grateful. Nothing seems to be getting done and I am so cold in this damn flat, and paying extortionate bills for electricity to just have the one heater on at night off peak! Will drop something into the Committee box.

Thanks again guys, hopefully I'll have some of heating soon! Probably in time for summer...

Hi Lucy

If you drop some information into the Committee Box in the Estate Office, and address it to me make sure you say 'Maria'. just to avoid confusion, as there are no Committee members called 'Mary'.  Will check the box this week.  Am sorry you are having such problems.  The Committee are here to listen and support all residents.  




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