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Please find attached, the latest projects update for Golden Lane Estate.

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Hi Ian,

   I am one of the neighbours that for the last few months has been living with a temporary inner wall in their home while the facade was renovated.For the last few months we have noticed that there seems to be no apparent progress in the works been carried out and are starting to get anxious about the date on which the temporary inner walls will be removed. We are now well pass the revised dates of completion and there seems to be no work been done in the balconies or the flats. There are very few workers on site and there's no tangible progress that we can observe. Residents deserve to know what is going on with the works and when we will be able to get all of our flats back. Can you please provide us with any information regarding this?

    Thanks a lot for your help,


That is a very reasonable question Pablo. It would help if the Major Projects update contained a timeline for each item.  Both the original programme and an update of where we are compared to the original. 


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