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"There are some people who have a stall outside Waitrose who sell books, scarves, cards etc who sell real trees every year. I am not sure if they are selling them just yet but it's worth keeping an eye out and I don't think they are too…"
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"thanks Christine"
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"You can arrange a 2 hours parking space through the estate office for your removal van.  I can't help re a space for your car "



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There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

Golden Lane Estate / RCS site 

Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

Meeting of the Tenants’ Forum on the

Housing Act 2016

Thursday 19th January 18:30 Community Centre, downstairs

In the summer of 2016 the Housing bill was made into law after both Houses of Parliament voted on the bill. So what does this mean for tenants on Golden Lane?

What does the Housing Act mean for secure tenancies?

Flexible tenancies have existed for several years but the City Corporation, like most local authorities, has not used to date. Does the Act mean they must now become the norm, when new tenancies are granted?

What about ‘pay-to-stay’? Will this go ahead?


Although it has currently been scrapped, does the City Corporation still have the option to charge households earning more than £60,000 per year?


What impact would the selling of higher value council properties, each time they become vacant, have on Golden Lane?

Simon Cribbens, Officer at the City Corporation, will be giving a talk and answering questions about the Housing Act on Thursday 19th January 2017. The meeting will start at 6.30pm sharp and finish at 7.30pm - downstairs in the Community Centre. 

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I couldn't make this meeting, did anyone on the forum attend? What were the high(or low) lights? Thanks!

Bosques said:

I couldn't make this meeting, did anyone on the forum attend? What were the high(or low) lights? Thanks!

the meeting became one of reassurances , lifetime tenancies will stay within CoL, but if you are thinking of moving or doing a swap into another Borough its worth checking what their regs are, some are only offering fixed term tenancies.

Pay to stay has been kicked into the long grass i.e. its a pilot in the West Midlands for the next 5 years. Authorities have argued that the cost of administrating would far outweigh any cost benefits.

Selling flats to pay for right to buy in Housing Associations has been put on hold.

There will be no rent increase above inflation  for at least the next 3/4 years.

New social housing builds will take place outside of the City. The nearest being the development of the Richard Cloudsley site, but most others will be some way away like Epping.

The developments of Bernard Morgan House and the YMCA were raised, but he said that it was outside his remit so couldn't comment.

That as much as I remember if anyone else can add please do

Thanks Bill, I'll cancel the removal van!


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