A notice has been posted in the entrance area of Stanley Cohen House asking for email feedback on proposals for re-siting the Golden Lane Estate Office.   But we can't find the relevant website and the closing date is today!

So here are our responses:-

We're delighted that the initial idea to move the Estate Office to the Community Centre has now been abandoned, and hope that the newly sited office will have enough space to hold keys to all the flats on the estate (as in the Barbican).

The Barbican Estate Office is at a distance from Golden Lane, so would be inconvenient - both for residents with disabilities, and tor the Estate Office Staff, who would not be in daily touch with life on the estate.  BUT if it meant that Golden Lane could share the repairs regime that is in place in the Barbican, where a dedicated team carries out repairs within days (rather than the weeks or months endured by Golden Lane residents due to managers at CoL and Wates failing to communicate with each other) it might be worth it.  Otherwise definitely NOT.

We haven't managed to access any further information about the available sites.  

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Hello there - I have just forwarded your comments to davewalker@southwarkmediation.co.uk  

It's a bit late but hopefully will be considered. Was there no contact details on the poster? You could always drop him a follow up email.


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