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Barbican Library exhibition - Society of Artists in Architecture at Barbican Library, Barbican Centre.

September 2, 2022 at 9:15am to September 28, 2022 at 5:30pm
Barbican LibraryExhibition of the Society of Artist in Architecture (SocAA) – ‘Cities’All works are for sale and the Private View on Monday 5 September from 6.00 – 8.30 is open to all. Drinks and canapes will be provided. Please respond through Eventbrite ‘SocAA Barbican Library Private View’ or email the secretary below to register your interest and get a ticket. See More
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Christine Clifford replied to Jax's discussion I know we need Lecky but this is sad and noisy and dusty and dug up 3 time since new pavement laid a few months ago.
"At least they a dealing with it all this time instead of patching "
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Its about three weeks since the graffiti was plastered all over the canopy of Gt Arthur and its still there.

One wonders why the Corporation haven't removed it.  Leaving it there will only encourage more graffiti.

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Just looking this up as I noticed it on the north facing facade as well. I'm new here but has anyone heard from the gle office?
They seem more intent on tidying up the paths around Basterfield Lawn at the moment. :(
Why is it possible to add graffiti to the roof garden of Great Arthur House but not just go and sit there?
There's also a giant silver tag on the top of the YMCA that's been there for a while too (not visible from the ground)

We are aware of the grafitti on YMCA that was placed by the same person as Great Arthur House.  I believe the Estate Office have obtained a quotation from a specialist company to clean the grafitti, although not sure when it will be completed.



Are we able to know what the outcome was with the person who did this?

One who was only responsible for Great Arthur House received a juvenile reprimand.  The second responsible for both buildings is currently on police bail and I will try to remember to update you with the result when I get it.

With respect to the above, I don't know why people always assume that when something such as this or a repair is not made good within a couple of days, that the City is not taking any action.  In this particular instance, I had to obtain two seperate quotes to get the graffiti removed due to the exorbitant cost of the first quote, the second being less than half of the original.  Also, company reps are rarely prepared to drop everything and turn up on the day that you call them, so appointments have to be made to arrange a site visit.  There is also always a delay between when the rep visits and when they submit their quote, and an order then has to be raised by me on the computer and then approved by a senior manager.   Even when this is done, I have to rely on the company in give me a date when their operatives can carry out the work.  So as you can see, this process is not as straight forward as it may seem.  This process also appies to some communal repairs which may be in the hands of external contractors or departments e.g. the alderman's sign outside the Shakespeare pub which falls under the remit of the highways section who in turn have to raise an order for a seperate contractor. 
Well said Tracy!!!! 
Tracy, please follow this link to view a response from the Barbican Police Team in an earlier thread

A few points in support of Estate Staff who appear to be getting a bit of a bashing:

The culprits had no connection with the estate and admitted that they tailgated their way into the building during interview. 

The gate to the roof is locked and the manner in which the youths gained access to the roof climbing between the gate and stairwell was very dangerous. 

The paint that was used and material of the building requires specialist cleaning companies and the first quotation obtained by Ian Dowsett was much higher than expected and the reason that he got a second cheaper quotation, hence the delay in cleaning.

You may not be aware that whenever graffiti is found on the estate in accesible places photos are taken and forwarded to police for investigation and attempts made to clean it by staff on the estate. Unfortunately people who place graffiti like to use products that cannot be removed!

I think it's particular sore point because many of us would like to see it open to all residents to use as was the original intent of the architects in the first place. To have someone gain access and then proceed to deface it seems to be rubbing residents noses in it.

I can't help thinking too that if residents were allowed access to the roof and were using the space on a regular basis is wouldn't have been allowed to happen. Outsiders to the Estate just see it as derelict property and they're kind of right.


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