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March 22, 2023 from 6pm to 7pm
Concilio are having the first Community Liaison Group about the sizeable construction project undertaken by Castleforge at One Golden Lane (the former Cripplegate Institute). Neighbouring residents are invited to come and share their thoughts.Wednesday 22 March, 6-7pmFrobisher Room 1, Barbican CentreRSVP by email to or phoning 07825758243See More
18 hours ago
Sam posted a discussion

Looking for flat to rent

Hi all. I am a previous resident in Cullum Welch House, looking for a studio or one bed to rent within the estate if anyone is moving or needs a new tenant. ThanksSee More
Alex replied to Alex's discussion Major Works Costs: Crescent House (2023-2028)
"You are welcome, Matt. I agree that £92k for new triple glazed windows is a lot. However, from the other side, the total cost of new windows for Great Arthur House was £4,742,567. The approximate cost per flat was…"
Alex replied to Alex's discussion Major Works Costs: Crescent House (2023-2028)
"You are welcome, Philippe. Source is the recent Right to Buy application. If you are buying under the RTB scheme, your landlord must provide an estimate of any service charges for major works and cyclical works you will have to pay during the…"



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There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

Golden Lane Estate / RCS site 

Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

Apparently the City have decided to visit all tenants and leaseholders on the Estate in person to meet them and inspect the interior of the flats.

The City state that the key objectives of these visits are to:

• improve resident safety and comfort by providing advice or referral to other agencies on:
o home and fire safety, including evacuation advice and an assessment 
of any risks;
o repairs and maintenance;
o domestic energy advice and housing benefits;o issues such as hoarding and safeguarding;

• improve the quality of tenancy data on the housing management information system to a minimum baseline standard;

• improve future communication and engagement with residents by updating electronic contact details and preferred methods of communication

• help ensure proper and efficient use of housing assets by identifying instances of:

o tenancy fraud, misuse, disrepair or unauthorised alteration of properties;

o under-utilisation (including illegal sub-letting, non-occupation, under- occupation;

o overcrowding.

The first of these aims sound reasonable, but the last section, on tenancy fraud, unauthorised alteration etc sounds quite intrusive and would appear to be an unusual step to take without reasonable grounds. We are not aware of other landlords behaving in this way.

What are people's opinions on this? Is is sensible management or is it overly intrusive? Is it something that GLERA should be taking up?

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I don't see any problems with this    I had a tenancy visit around 2012 by (name omitted) and everything was fine.   It's good that the CoL are checking properties to ensure that only the legal tenants are living there!

I agree Christo.  The COL have every right to check properties to make sure only the legal tenants are living there and I support that.  However, why would they need a camera and tape measure to check on illegal tenants?  

Christo said:

I have mixed feelings. Parts of it seem very useful and potentially helpful others seem a tad draconian and intrusive, particularly when you have had a visit a year or two ago. Showing  two forms of ID seems a bit over the top when you have lived here for a decade or more 

I don't think it is intrusive at all, why shouldn't they check if everything is in order an no one is sub letting? If I owned a property I rented out I would want to check on it every so often. I actually found the last visit quite useful as I was able to ask questions I had on a one 2 one level rather than trying to discuss them in the estate office.

I agree with Richard. If you've nothing to hide, then what is the problem!? Well done to the CoL for checking their tenencies. This should be a regular thing. Offenders should be thrown out of their properties straight away.

What is an issue is that it is costing £138,000 which presumably all residents will be paying for.

Good point raised Tracy!

If the City want to do this then why should the residents pay?  I am not paying for someone to come in here spying on me.  Let them chase after illegal sub letters and not genuine residents.

Tim Godsmark said:

What is an issue is that it is costing £138,000 which presumably all residents will be paying for.

Good idea. If it helps sort out all the iffy lettings going on why not, and I don't think 138k split between everyone is too much to pay if a few things get sorted out.


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