I was wondering if there were any existing efforts to coordinate support to older residents in the event of a worsening coronavirus situation. In such a scenario I imagine older neighbours will be staying inside their flats and may need others to drop supplies or food off to them? Anyone know anything about that, and how the rest of us might pitch in? 

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Contact Estate office
The barbican have got groups for each house .
Maybe we could all do that too.
They could send a letter out for volunteers to help shopping etc
The app for our area called Nextdoor is useful

I thought they would be hesitant to do anything because of confidentiality issues etc....

Good to see this conversation.

It would be great if estate could coordinate something if possible.

I am self isolating at the moment so can't help in any physical way but would like to keep connected with neighbours

Hi Are you O.K for supplies? If not post here and I will help you.

I mentioned this to Michelle the Estate Manager and gave her my name to volunteer for this. We may need to set a grass roots group for this though. 

City being organised on a Ward basis... see

Cripplegate covid 19

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